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Agribusiness in Australia has and will always be one of this country’s industry pillars. Currently the political, media and business dialogue is again focused on our sector with the belief that we will be a continued staple for Australia’s prosperity. The increasing attention has come from many local and global market forces.

Internationally the rise and rise of Asia, in particular its middle class and more recently India’s growing food and fibre demands are key drivers. Domestically the agribusiness sector has been changing with greater consumer involvement, interest and attachment to food and its production.

Retailers, traders and processors have all seen changes in their markets. Investors that may not normally looked towards our sector now see it as a viable industry to partner with.

The growth potential of the agribusiness industry is creating community optimism to open new markets, create jobs and develop new technologies. The renewed interest verifies a new level of respect and opportunity that will enhance the agribusiness industry and its participants.

However the lack of a cohesive industry voice has allowed in some cases special interest groups to hijack the debate and influence the community. Policy decisions are then often based on poorly researched and/or information of dubious credibility.

If we don’t counter these groups Australia will squander many agribusiness opportunities. Our international competitors are preparing to dominate our current and potential market opportunities through developing efficient infrastructure, adopting the latest technologies, providing streamlined government approaches and by low cost labour.

Australia’s current fragmented approach to agriculture and agribusiness opportunities will lead to massive financial, cultural and emotional loss therefore we must start now to prevent this.

Agribusiness Australia’s inclusive industry approach enables our industry to be a coherent association, so we can command respect for our objective and evidence based platforms and positions.

Our mantra is to advocate, be inclusive and spread knowledge for the sole aim of advancing Agribusiness for the national good.

When Australia has a unified agribusiness sector the community and country gains the financial and cultural value this opportunity offers.

The community will be more educated and therefore make logical fact based decisions about their food and fibre. Our industry will have a greater opportunity to be proud of what we all do and have control of its own destiny.

Through collaboration our members will have gained a non-political advocacy voice for their cause creating new business opportunities and greater knowledge both within and outside of the sector.

Agribusiness Australia – advancing agribusiness in Australia.

Silver Members

  • Piper Alderman - SA

    Piper Alderman is a commercial law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We act for leading agribusinesses operating inside the farm gate across a broad spectrum of primary production enterprises, as well as for clients operating beyond the farm gate in the agribusiness supply chain, food processing, retail and financial services sectors, export and R&D.

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  • PIRSA - SA

    Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) is a dynamic Government of South Australia agency with the vision of growing sustainable and competitive regions. PIRSA is committed to the sustainable use of the state's agriculture, wine, seafood, forestry, and food industries along with the provision of associated research, regulation, policy development and biosecurity imperatives. PIRSA leads and drives the State Government’s strategic priority of Premium Food and wine from our Clean Environment. 

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  • Waterfind - NSW & Qld

    Waterfind Australia is one of Australia’s water market specialists and a pioneer in the water market industry. Waterfind Australia has developed an award winning online water trading platform that allows the buying and selling of water and simplifies the water trading process enabling irrigators and other water users to access all major Australian water resources to manage their water needs. Waterfind is a privately owned Australian company and is governed by an independent board of directors.

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